Paramedic Program History

History of Our Paramedic Program
On August 28, 1973, Council Resolution 4410 was adopted.  This resolution directed the City Manager to prepare an application for a Grant under the Emergency Medical Services System Act of 1973.  This was the beginning of the Paramedic Program in the City of Santa Monica.  The first group of 6 SMFD Firefighters attended Paramedic Training in 1974.  Upon completion, they were assigned to Engine 4 as the first & only paramedic unit in the city.  It is worth noting that SMFD was the first fire department in the nation to deliver paramedic services via a fire engine company.  Eventually 3 additional engine companies were staffed with paramedics.  In February 1981, 2 rescue ambulances staffed with 2 Firefighter/Paramedics were added.
The fire department sends paramedics on almost all medical calls to ensure the community has access to paramedic level care if needed.  The dispatch center provides callers with Emergency Medical Dispatch which includes pre-arrival instructions including how to help a victim who is choking and how to do CPR. History of Our Paramedic Program
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