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Santa Monica Fire Department
333 Olympic Drive 2nd Floor
Santa Monica, CA. 90401
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Emergency Dial 911
             Report an in-progress, life-threatening emergency
Fire Dispatch   310-458-8660   Request non-emergency fire service
Office of Emergency Management           310-458-2263   Information on programs, resources and 9-1-1 center
Human Resources   310-458-8246          Employment/Recruitment Information-Questions
**EMS BILLING    888-980-9269             
Fire Prevention          310-458-8915   Permits, Plans Review, Fire Hazard, Fire codes
*Fire Prevention over the counter
plan review service is not
available until further notice.
Please call 310-458-8915
for more information.
New Construction      310-458-8663   or 310-458-2354
CUPA       310-458-4971   Hazardous materials, regulations, permits, payment information
High-Rise      310-458-8665       
Health Care-Assembly         310-458-8665    
Code Enforcement      310-458-2290    
Copy of a Report
Fire Incident Report   310-458-8915   Report involving a fire
Medical Incident Report & EMS BILLING   310-458-2221   Report involving a medical emergency
Administrative Services          310-458-8652   Administrative request
Fire Chief         310-458-2201 -   Extension 5374
Deputy Fire Chief       310-458-8666    
Fire Marshal Office      310-434-2666    
Battalion Chief         310-458-8674   Suppression & Rescue
Community Outreach        310-458-8761   Fire station tour, Fire and Life Safety Presentations
Fire Stations         310-393-8461   Station 1, 1337 7th Street
    310-396-1259   Station 2, 222 Hollister Av
    310-828-0950   Station 3, 1302 19th Street
    310-450-9029   Station 5,2450 Ashland Av
    310-458-8659   Station 7, 1100 Pacific Coast Hwy. *Note this is a temporary construction with limited public access.
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