Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

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Public Safety Facility  
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The EMS and Paramedic program strives to provide the community with quality patient care & superior customer service.  Emergency medical care is delivered by a team of firefighter paramedics and firefighter EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians). 

The City of Santa Monica provides its citizens the services of six highly trained paramedic units. Upon the inception of the program in 1973, our goal has been to provide emergency medical treatment to all our citizens within four minutes of receiving the call for help. Over the past three years we have experienced an annual increase in the number of requests for paramedic services. It has come to our attention that many of our responses are not of a life threatening emergency and would be better serviced through other medical attention.

When a medical problem threatens a person's life, that is an emergency, and it's critical that you call for help. Examples of medical problems that endanger life are:
  • Heart attack symptoms
    (chest pain or pressure; cool, clammy skin, and/or nausea)
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Loss of consciousness (fainting spells)
  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Spinal, head, or neck injuries
  • Major burns
Call the Santa Monica Fire Department emergency number 9-1-1. Our emergency service provides paramedic service to all people within in the City of Santa Monica. When you call, be sure to give the dispatcher accurate information. You should be able to answer the following questions:
    The dispatcher must know where to send help, including the nearest cross street, apartment number and exact address.
    This is to help the dispatcher trace your call when additional information is required.
    This will tell us what level of help we need to send.
    If several people are sick or injured, we need to know, so we can send additional resources.

Santa Monica Fire Department
Emergency Medical Services
& Paramedic Program

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The Santa Monica Fire Department takes great pride in the high level of emergency medical services provided to our community. The SMFD EMS and Paramedic program strives to provide the community with quality patient care & superior customer service.  Emergency medical care is delivered by a team of firefighter paramedics and firefighter EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) working together.  Approximately 78% of emergency responses are medical in nature.  All firefighters must possess EMT certification at the minimum.  Over half of the firefighters are licensed as paramedics.  All EMTs and paramedics are also firefighters which allows the Fire Department to provide a full service response to the community.  Whether a medical emergency, fire, traffic collision, or any other emergency, our firefighters can handle it.
The fire department sends paramedics on almost all medical calls to ensure the community has access to paramedic level care if needed.  The dispatch center provides callers with Emergency Medical Dispatch which includes pre-arrival instructions including how to help a victim who is choking and how to do CPR.
Paramedic Staffing
Currently we have approximately 50 licensed paramedics and 48 certified EMTs working for the Fire Department.  The training program to become a paramedic requires over 1100 hours of didactic, clinical and field internship as well as successful completion of National Registry testing.  Paramedic licenses are renewed every two years.  Continuing education is also required for both paramedics and EMTs.  Paramedics must obtain a minimum of 48 hours every two years and EMTs must obtain 24 hours every two years.  Education in EMS is provided in house by a Registered Nurse.
Each fire station in the city has at least one paramedic unit assigned, and some have 2 paramedic units.
Station Paramedic Units Other Units
Station 1 –
1444 7th St. 
Engine 1
Engine 6 
Truck 1
RU 1
Battalion Chief  1
Station 2 –
222 Hollister 
Engine 2 Urban Search &
Rescue Unit 2 
Station 3 –
1302 19th St. 
Engine 3
 Engine 4 
Hazardous Material
Unit 4
Station 5 –
2450 Ashland
Engine 5 Aircraft Rescue 5
Paramedic Services 
In addition to a full scope of basic and advanced life support, SMFD Paramedics also have other life saving equipment available.  Paramedics are able to do a 12 Lead Electrocardiogram to determine if the patient is having a certain type of heart attack.  Paramedics are able to send the ECG to the hospital so the doctors and nurses can be ready to immediately treat the patient.  Paramedics also carry a machine called CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure).  This device is particularly useful for patients having trouble breathing.  Paramedics also carry a state of the art cardiac monitor/defibrillator that is also capable of serving as an external pacemaker if needed.
EMS Program Staff
The EMS program is part of the Support Services Division.  EMS staff are located at the Public Safety Facility, second floor.  Assigned to EMS are a Battalion Chief, Paramedic Coordinator, EMS Nurse Educator and an Administrative Assistant.  The fire department also contracts for the services of a Medical Director who provides medical oversight for the EMS program.
Our emergency medical service providers are always on duty for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  
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