Fire Prevention Division

The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for all matters pertaining to the enforcement of all fire prevention laws, codes and ordinances relative to the protection of life, property and the environment from fire and unauthorized or accidental hazardous material releases. The Fire Prevention Division performs periodic inspection of all business occupancies within the city limits, ensures compliance of  fire prevention laws, codes and ordinances, and the elimination of special fire hazards and dangerous conditions existing within the City.
The Prevention Division also responds to multiple alarm fires and to other emergencies as needed, and is the Department’s Fire Investigation Unit. The Departments Hazardous Materials Inspection Program, that includes inspection and compliance with applicable Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) requirements, is also managed by the division. They are also responsible for maintaining complete records fire alarms and data relative inspections, investigations, complaints, special hazards and such other information as may be required.

The Fire Prevention Division develops implements programs and policies that prevent or reduce the magnitude of emergency occurrences, such as loss of life and property, personal injury or environmental damage.

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